Congratulations to all our 2015 Hack-SMC winners and a huge THANK YOU to all of our participants!

We had so many great ideas that the judges decided to add 4 Honorable Mention Awards for $500/each. We gave out $11,500 in prize money!

1st Place: Homeless Analytics

Tool to help policy-makers make better decisions specifically for the homeless problem. 4 elements to the solution: 1) Scenario predictive analytics 2) Alerting tool 3) Comparison with other cities 4) KPI (Key Performance Indicators) overlayed with investments.

Datasets Used: Homeless Census, SEMAP data, EGIS Data on affordable housing projects

  • Sri Kanajan
  • Kunal Sharma
  • Michelle Littlefield

2nd Place: Skye2 & Torrance

ADA Map, a map to report and prioritize ADA issues through crowdsourcing. Users can upload issues via camera. Issues are prioritized through upvoting.

Datasets used: None/Created by Users

  • Skye Parker
  • Sky Pay
  • Torrance Caldwell

3rd Place: Team Read-Up

Access  to stories and flashcards for 3rd Graders. Reading analytics views for  teachers, parents, and administrators. Map Views to show participation in app across schools. Chat features for 3rd Graders.

Datasets Used: Elementary School Locations, 3rd Grade Reading Scores

  • Alex Aruj
  • Joseph Sandmeyer

Honorable Mention: Readr

Readr is an application that is accessible to teachers, students and parents. It encourages reading in 3rd grade classrooms by tracking student progress, recommending books to students based on their lexile level and interests, and finding books that are representative of classroom demographics.

Datasets Used: GoodReads, Open Data Portal

  • Robin Pomerenke
  • Jordan Ezzell
  • Eric Kofman
  • Milo Toor

Honorable Mention: End Hunger

Volunteer-Donor network to provide fresh home-prepared food/leftovers (or produce) to organizations/people in need

Datasets Used: Homeless Shelter Database

  • Hemambujam Srinivasan
  • Anna Pasu
  • Somya Belur Narayana

Honorable Mention:

Researching, registering for and receiving information about SMC Public Schools is not intuitive. Resources are found on various websites, registration is paper-based, and a parent can learn about their child’s performance only in a 1 or 2 times/year conference with the teacher. I propose the creation of a county-wide web platform where parents can research schools, register for K-12 Schools, and receive information about their child’s performance on demand.

Datasets used: None. Little useful school data was on the SMC Portal/State Education Website

  • Russell Narahara

Honorable Mention: Anish Singhani

An App to help foster kids find jobs and volunteer opportunities

Datasets used: N/A. App creates a dataset of job info

  • Anish Singhani (12-years old)

Esri Prize: Too Much Fun Coding

Web app designed to provide low-income women with children residing in San Mateo County access to all food store locations that accept the Women, Infants, Children (WIC) vouchers

Dataset Used:

  • Jose-Luis Pacheco